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The End Of The Pier


The d├ębut album from Lobby Lud, a quarter of a century in the making and so rubbish it has been deemed unfit to release. He's still working on it and we hope to have copies available in Spring 2027, but it probably won't be worth the wait.

The album combines spoken word with music and a packed lunch, telling a story which was revealed in an absinthe-fuelled dream.


To save you the wait, in a nutshell it's the adventures of erstwhile inventor Edwin Balthus and his attempts to replace lost members of his jazz band with mechanical musical devices.


Besotten with Maude, daughter of the redoubtable Mrs. Manshouting, Edwin is soon thwarted in love by the evil H.H.Fortesque. A heartbroken Edwin takes a cabin on board a ship bound for far off lands but has to give it back and is committed to the deep by the crew, who have taken exception to his late night euphonium practice.


On the sea bed our hero encounters a beautiful mermaid and an Octopus from Solihul, It seems he has at last found an audience among the creatures of the briny, and his new friends win a dance contest thanks to his accompaniment. The terminally romantic Edwin now falls for the mermaid but the green eyed monster soon rears its ugly head. Edwin is left on a desert island with only a chest full of shirt collars to his name.


Soon imprisoned as an illegal incomer, his cellmate turns out to be none other than his missing saxophonist, the flatulent Walter Undershott. They escape on a floating rudderless pianola, only to crash into and then sink the pier in their home town of Regis-On-Sea. There is of course a twist and some terrible songs for good measure.