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"Is That A Real False Beard?"

Thrown together in a mere two years, Lobby Lud's second album combines some archive material from the good old days with some new songs and an array of instruments including Glass Armonica, Cat, Human Organ Pipe Organ, Cheese Grater and Phonofiddle.

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The End Of The Pier



The début album from Lobby Lud, a quarter of a century in the making and so rubbish it has been deemed unfit to release. He's still working on it and we hope to have copies available in Spring 2027, but it probably won't be worth the wait.

The album combines spoken word with music and a packed lunch, telling a story which was revealed in an absinthe-fuelled dream.

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Mr. Plastichead Sings All Your Favourite Fish & Chip Shop Sea Shanties

Both his fans have already got a copy and the remainders were dumped in a plastic bag under the pier at low tide some years ago, so fortunately this one isn't currently available either.

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About the Lud O Phone or Lud-O-Phone Recording Company.

Lud O Phone or Ludophone is a recrod label set up to offer End of the Pier Pointlessness Music from Lobby Lud and other so-called comical musical recording artistes. If you like 1920s style novelty songs, silly songs, funny songs, call ithem what you will, Lud-O-Phone is aimed at you my dear friends. That means stuff like ukulele tuba kazoo saxophones and even more ukulele then Ludophone or Lud O Phone or Lud-O-Phone is most definitely a possible place to come to. I hope that helps explain things a little better.