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Welcome to The Lud-O-Phone Recording Company, home to some of Regis-On-Sea's finest artistes and Lobby Lud.

Is That A Real False Beard?


1. You Are Lobby Lud

2. Hookah Hoo-hah

3. Rahdy-Rah For The Nonheads

4. Peregrine For Organist

5. Your Neck’s Too Long

6. Custard Creams

7. Shark In A Bathtub

8. Radiotone Newsreel

9. Personable Percival

10. The Cat’s Whisker

11. Spiffing, What?

12. Hoist The Gin Pennant

13. Fifty One Station Road Harrow

14. The Wireless

15. Regis-On-Sea Revisited

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If you want to find out more about Lobby Lud you could go to the website,

It won't tell you much, but it is rather fun for a short while.